Bryan Tran – Is There a Difference in Humanities and Science?

It is somewhat accurate to say that reducing the physical world into mathematical abstractions is what is distinctive about science, yet it is more on the sense of having the ability to process and getting a deeper knowledge of what is unknown. The use of mathematiques to have a better understanding of science is quite similar to how we process humanities. For example in our past essay we had to use a passage to have a better understanding to the other passage. That process is quite similar to using math because math is something that humans discovered/created which is used to figure out the challenges that we do/did not understand in science. I personally think that humanities is a branch of science that deals with the human mind and the ability to question what makes us human. Now specifically reducing the physical world into math is rarely seen in humanities so I would agree to that, but the act of reducing to understand is not special. 

Should the humanities be considered a science? Does that cause issues? 

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