Davis: Redefined racism – Thomas Baker

Davis’s point regarding the “inflexibility of the resulting definitions of racism” created a connection in my mind to a class on institutional racism I took earlier this year. In the class the teacher talked about how for years she would call out individuals as racist, whether it be public figures or individuals she knew. Eventually she realized how much of a waste of time this was. Her point being that the racism we are fighting now in the US isn’t the same thing that it was in the 60s. The main issues don’t revolve around individual beliefs, and frankly a few individual racists weren’t worth her time and effort, the main issues now were institutional racism. This connects to the point Davis makes because most people’s definition of racism is the one from the civil rights era, an association with blatant acts from individuals. This allows many people to write off racism as an issue that has been “mostly solved”. When rather the kind of racism we need to fight has just changed and become more subtle. 

Locke, Davis, and Brooks walk into a bar…

Q1: Is there any situation in which unpaid labor is justified, prisoners, conquest, etc?

Q2: What is the definition of “Equality”?

Q3: Does government intervention help reduce inequality or does it perpetuate systemic racism?

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