Decision Davis: Angelo Dean (Unit 1, Assignment 3))

In Angela Davis’s writings she speaks on the idea of the modern day US judicial system and how there is a stark overrepresentation of individuals of minority populations incarcerated, and how said incarcerations lead to the removal of many rights that are seen as unalienable to many in the contemporary political sphere, one major right being the ability to vote. This is interesting because according to Davis, in her research it is shown that offenses as grave as murder do not lead to the removal of voting rights however,  if one were to be convicted of an interracial relationship or conception, then voting rights can be removed. This is blatantly biased to minoritized populations and is quite harrowing taking account the fact that the 1 in 100 Americans incarcerated statistic is sharply skewed when factoring race; where the statistic now becomes one out of four black men and 1 out of 100 black women. Taking that into consideration, if I were to form a panel, I would place Davis with Locke and Diderot with the following questions:

Is there an inherent general law for all that live in organized nations or does the general law differ based on the status of those within the nation?

How does race play a factor in deciding who has reason, and who is a beast and is socially exiled?

Within a racist society where the incarceration rate skyrockets depending on race and socioeconomic class, what are the freedoms that are basal and unalienable?

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