Ian Rolls – Unit 4 Post 1

Ida B. Wells and Mary Church Terrell , reconstruction era black, female, and educated journalists, both encounter unwritten laws that cause different types of violence against African Americans. Wells writes about how lynchers become self-appointed judges, juries, and executioners of an unwritten law that causes this violence and discrimination. Similarly, Terrell encounters discrimination that seems to force white people to avoid employment and service of black people, and notices that nobody can explain why black people aren’t allowed employment or service. This unwritten, innate law seems to lead to both discrimination and lynching, which seem to be the implementation and enforcement methods that uphold Jim Crow. Both tried to combat this violence with journalism to increase awareness as well as advocate for the equality of black women. They also held prominent positions in organizations like the NAACP and NACW and used those organizations for advocacy and initiatives to push for equal rights. Although, in their published work, Wells and Terrell don’t advocate for a specific plan of change, their actions in journalism show that they believe education about equality and rights is the next step needed to improve equality.

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