Ian Rolls – Unit 4 Post due Dec 4th

In this picture, the shadowing and light placement make it seem like Martin Luther King Jr. has left the light of the world and has been transported to the darkness of prison. However, the light seeps into the jail cell, and it makes it seem like he is supported by the light that shines behind him, that the prison cell was completely dark until he walked in. This, coupled with the text that posits that willingly acting against the law to better the community shows “the highest respect for law.” Although MLK acted against the law, and is shoved into the darkness of the prison, the lightness seeping in the cell demonstrates his respect for his community and willingness to break the law to solve injustice.

This emphasizes the effort that prominent civil rights activists put into fighting injustice, even one of the main figureheads of the movement was willing to face jail time to create the change that he wanted. The black borders make it seem like he is being swallowed by the jail, but at the same time his posture, with his fists curled up and head held high-hand at the waist in a pose that exudes courage and strength. This gives me hope that his sacrifice is meaningful, and it stresses MLK’s ability to inspire people and stay strong in the face of opposition. The fact that this panel takes up the entire page also emphasizes the historical importance of MLK’s imprisonment and choice to sacrifice his own wellbeing in order to oppose unjust laws. The panel gives me a heightened understanding of the bravery it required to march in protest of segregation while knowing one could be arrested.

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