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Passport workshop reflection

When I arrived at the Make Your Own Passport workshop I was instructed to pull out a paper slip, like a lottery draw, for my designated passport. I pulled Belarus and proceeded to make the passport. Whilst crafting my new passport, some ‘stateless’ classmates wondered around the tables and told us their stories. I felt a sense of pity towards my classmates for having pulled the unfortunate ‘stateless’ identity as they were not making a passport of their own. In reflection, this makes me think of the ‘lottery’ of your birth place, and how rights are just handed to individuals for being born in a certain geographic location. Furthermore, the complications that arise with the concept of Citizenship, by not being recognised by any state as a member. After feeling sorry for my classmates not knowing what to do in this workshop or where to go, I began to imagine the real stateless people in our world today. I cannot begin to imagine the difficulties they have leading their lives with no official identity. What can they do? Where do they go? I am keen to learn more about these people and what possibly could be done to help them.

I also had not heard of the Global passport power rank before, and it was interesting to do some more research on this in class and discuss the criteria. It seems to me that it is based on the travel freedom of the passport holders, ie number of countries they can visit visa-less, visa on arrival and visa before departure.

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