Sadie Blackshear Passport

Entering the Make Your Own Passport workshop hosted by visiting artist Tintin Wulian, I did not know what to expect. At the beginning of the workshop, we all were required to draw our assigned country from a jar which is very similar to reality in that we have no control over the determination of our original citizenship. As I sat decorating, sewing, and gluing my passport, those around me that drew “Stateless” from the jar told me real-life stories of individuals that faced this reality. Their stories added to my knowledge of the complexity, diversity, lack of accessibility, and oftentimes discrimination that lies behind citizenship. Truthfully, going into the workshop the only things that I knew about Yemen were its geographic location and its capital city. The process involved me learning much more about the struggles it has faced as a country, and many it continues to face to this day.

The cover of The People’s Republic of Southern Yemen’s passport that I created.
Artist Tintin Wulia’s description of the Make Your Own Passport project and its intents.
A brief history of Yemen’s struggles taken from its Amnesty International country profile.

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