Unit 1 Assignment 3: Aimee Duran Ruiz

Toni Morrison’s “Black Matters” states the idea that the presence of black people have influenced the literature that American novelists have produced. Although there are white male authors that focus on the society that they are living in, they tend to involve black people. However, the characters of color tend to be minor characters and do not impact the plot as much. This interested me because throughout history, there has always been a sense of racism that exists, not only in the real world, but in literature itself. Thinking to Morrison’s point about people from the Old World coming over to the New World to live a free life seemed like irony to me. How can we live a free life in the “New World” when oppression seems to never go away?

What are ways in which you have fight off oppression to have readers understand your point of view?

What is something that readers can do to join the movement of reaching equality in the world besides reasoning to let others know we are human?

What are struggles that authors face when reading to an audience about topics that are greatly impacting the world?

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