Unit 1 Assignment 3- Morrison (freedom) by Erica Harris

One idea that stood out in Morrison’s writing was that the “desire for freedom is preceded by oppression” (210). Many times I feel we get caught up in talking about freedom and what it means without realizing why we even need to talk about it. It is a main topic because it has been denied to large numbers of people. Morrison talks specifically about African Americans and immigrants in this passage and how a history of struggle and oppression creates the need for freedom. I never thought about this before, but we cannot have the idea of freedom without knowing how it has been denied to people and groups. Even now, people are being denied certain freedoms they deserve. Morrison talks about how we have evaded and silenced the past and large groups of people in literature. In order to have freedom, the past must be discussed. When talking about freedom, many people focus on what it should look like instead of why it is needed in the first place. 

Authors: Toni Morrison, John Locke, and Karl Marx 


  1. What created the need for freedom? 
  2. How is humanity shown in the world? 
  3. Why are people’s identities shaped by how the world sees them? 

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