Unit 1: Assignment 3- What makes us human? by Lilly Sandoval

The reading I found most interesting was “Black Skin, White Masks” by Fanon. The way in which he started off his introduction with an honest comment on how he is not an all knowing being, followed by the fact that there are many who believe themselves to be superior and called them idiots. Yet throughout his work he depicts all of their reasoning and it’s baffling to hear what comes up. Statements that say those who are colored should experience declivity so that they may grow to be better. It is believed to be the fault of the colored man for his struggles, because he holds onto problems of love and understanding, which are the things I believe that make us human, is the ability to face these emotional situations.  However it seems Fanon, like Locke and Kant, believe reason is what makes us human. Such as learning French to be closer to “human” , which is linked to being white. To them I must ask: Why must colored people prove their intellect to others? Don’t you think the life experiences of these people allow them to be better human beings and more empathetic creatures? Why must human worth be based on intellect or how much one can reason?

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