Unit 1:Assignment 2 by Lilly Sandoval “Political Society and Identity”

Locke: Chapter 9.95

” Men being, as has been said, by nature all free, equal, and independent, no one can be put out of this estate and subjected to the political power of another without his own consent …to join and unite into a community for their comfort-able, safe, and peaceable living, one amongst another, in a secure enjoyment of their properties, and a greater security against any that are not of it. This any number of men may do, because it injures not the freedom of the rest; they are left, as they were, in the liberty of the state of Nature. When any number of men have so consented to make one community or government, they are thereby presently incorporated, and make one body politic, wherein the majority have a right to act and conclude the rest.”

I chose Locke’s section on the ends of political society and government because it made me stop and think about how one still has freedom, liberty or “equality” under governmental laws and how that changes their identity. After looking back at Professor Quillen’s notes on chapter 8 , which relate to the political society, it allowed me to see that maybe their reasoning of joining was for the common good and the fact that all in the society had a common interest. Throughout the chapter Locke explains the benefits obtained by joining a society, there are certain protections and securities obtained when one joins. It reminded me of the group mentality mentioned in Brooks The Power of Peril and Identity , how people are branded based on selected life experiences or what they associate with. Therefore those in a political society are a unit, in which protect their property from those who are different, or still abide by the state of nature. I think Locke’s example of establishing a community supports one of his main themes of legitimacy through power of the governed, due to the fact that with a society there are laws all agree upon and must abide my. Hence creating more structure than the state of nature allows. I believe that the passage addresses the question ‘how do identities fall into a power structure’, because now these members are a part of a community which they see as law, anything different would be a conflict to their society and they would look down on those who aren’t apart of their society (creating a divide in groups or hierarchical system).

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