Unit 2 Assignment 1 Alex Weinman

For me, Fanon’s Black Skin White Masks seems like it was a controversial text in its time (1950s) because it was one of the first texts to view philosophy from the lens of marginalized groups. Philosophers, and specifically existentialists like Neitzsche and Sarte, wrote their texts for a very specific group of people: those who were privileged, and usually upper class white men. Fanon writes about the freedom and fulfillment of black people; this to me seems like it might have been controversial because it is very against the norms of existential texts. I know when I first read it, I had a hard time seeing how it fit into the field of existentialism. I presume that this was a common sentiment when Fanon first published his texts.   

Question: Has philosophy evolved to consider all groups of people, or is it still an intrinsically privileged field?

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