Unit 2 Assignment 2

Option 2: If translation is not a perfect science, can we ever actually read the writings written in languages that we are not native speakers are? Can I be sure that the meaning I take out of Plato’s Cave, that reality is subjective, is even what Plato meant in his writing? Realizes that language is a subjective art makes me unsure that my readings of previous writers are actually even true: similar to the subjects of Plato’s Cave!

Option 3: Is there any value in relating Plato’s Cave to the modern idea that life may be a simulation? It is a useful exercise to toil over the actual objectiveness of this reality; if the shadows on the wall are truly the reality we live in, does it really matter? I contemplated this question with my most recent movie. If we do in fact live in a simulated universe, does it actually change anything? Should, or CAN we continue living our lives as if they have meaning if we find out that we in fact exist only as a computer program? What would Plato say to this modern example of his ideas?

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