Unit 2 Assignment 3

Option 2: I think the most effective way to stem societal bullshit is to make people aware of its adverse effects. While lying is already very stigmatized in our culture, bullshitting is normalized and in many ways accepted. I think that if more people become aware of how bullshitting restricts us from realizing objective truth, they will consciously decide to stop doing it. 

Option 3: Do we have to discount works that we read the translations of? I’ve been wrestling with the appropriate value to give to translated works, as there is no way to be sure that they contain any of the author’s original intentions. Many of my favorite texts, such as Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morals, I read in translation; therefore, I am somewhat skeptical that I in fact received the authors true work. Do we have to discount or be very cautious with such texts?

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