Unit 2 Assignment 3–Luna Jerjees

Options 2 and 3

Often, bullshit is used to cover up the true intention behind our action or words. In a world dominated by an influx of stimuli, it can be difficult to dissect claims of falsities. We have become complacent in stressing the importance of speaking the truth. We allow people to bullshit us and neither care nor do anything to rectify the situation. In order to really get people to care about conveying the truth in their speech and writing, we must begin with changing the media. News outlets tend to have a great bias towards one political belief and therefore cater their information towards supporting that cause. As a result, the people who read that news are influenced by the bias rather than by true fact. Secondly, and one could argue the most important, is teaching people that it is necessary to open yourself up to other people’s opinions and beliefs. So that we can engage in thoughtful discussion rather than a blatant ignorance of each other. If one is not open to hearing the truth because it opposes their belief, then it serves no purpose in trying to tell the truth.

As I discussed in a previous post, the concept of translation between language can be difficult to decipher. How can a work of literature be translated between languages if there is a word that does not have an equivalent in the other language? I speak about this from experience, knowing that I have come across words in Arabic that simply do not have a direct translation to English. I may know what that word means in Arabic but attempting to describe in English will never give the true image or scope of the word. These words are often culturally based and unless you have immersed yourself in the culture, one will never truly understand the impact of these words. One can find examples of this in poetry. Poetry can often be regional and only understood in the context of the time and place that it was written. In cases like this, I can say that perhaps there is no solution to the problem. Unless the work was translated in the time that it was written, maybe the best translation we will get is the closest one, rather than the most accurate.

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