Unit 2 Assignment 3

Frankfurt defined bullshit to be intentional misrepresentation of a truth that is not saying anything false. Hypothetically a good way to reduce the amount of bullshit in contemporary discourse could be to reduce the amount of synonyms which can be used to blur the meaning or definition of a term or sentence. More realistically for bullshit to be reduced, professionals who speak or write on the behalf of someone else should not be allowed as they are skilled in bullshitting and the words should come directly from whoever they are spoken for. For example, if politicians were required to make all speeches themselves.

In the allegory of the cave, is the specific original meaning or intention known? Is it saying that our reality is false or that we should not go off only what is told to us by others and that we should experience it ourselves? I ask this question because it seems like a good discussion especially on the second part. I think it is important in life to clarify what is actually known, not in the sense about reality being real but in the sense of descriptions of how places or systems work or how certain things are like in science and the news.

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