Unit 2 Post 1: Aimee Duran

The early modern view of “the connected world” (ch. 2) is an example of a large-scale conceptual scheme. See if you can describe this worldview in your own words. Are there any parts of it still present in contemporary science? (See p. 38 for some suggestions—try to expand on these or come up with your own examples.)

The view of early modern thinkers goes back to doing discoveries of various topics that arise from bigger topics, focusing on the big picture of the universe. Unlike modern approaches that may leave humans feeling disconnected from the universe. One example of the topics that was discussed was the topic that there is a hierarchy where the One is at the top and inert, lifeless matter is at the bottom. The goal is to reach a spiritual and less materialistic life. It is possible to obtain a higher status due to the “Great Chain of Being.” I understood the “Great Chain of Being” as a link of all humans together and made me think that whatever affects one person, affects another. This can sometimes still be present in contemporary science, but it would all depend on the way society sees it. There is a possible way to move up in a hierarchy if there are connections with others.

How is a discovery identified as a revolutionary concept?

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