Unit 2 Post 2: Aimee Duran

Option 1: In my email on Tuesday’s reading (Plato and Borges), I present a few “issues to think about”. Pick ONE of these and post about a paragraph in response. Would the scientists of the Scientific Revolution be more comfortable with Plato’s or Borges’ conceptual scheme? Explain.

Scientists would be more comfortable with Plato’s conceptual scheme because it emphasizes the notion of what society thinks. It highlights the importance that one must go out of the normal standards to reveal the truth. This can help lead others to reality as well. Plato’s conceptual scheme analyzes questions that may be asked when presenting the idea of taking steps at a time to reveal what is happening in the world and open the reader to the truths of reality. Going against what society expects of everyone can lead to negative consequences. However, if one stays to what society expects, there will never be discoveries made towards the revolution. 

Option 2: In a few sentences, comment on / raise a question about Thursday’s translation panel. This can be based on your !/? posts, or it can be something new. And it could be useful—though not required—to connect the translation panel to Plato or Borges (note for starters that both of these readings are translations).

As a native Spanish speaker, I have discovered that there are different translations of words within my own language. Every country, and even then, every region within the  regions of the countries have different ways of understanding a universal concept. If there are many ways to translate something, how do we know which translation is accurate to take into account? 

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