Unit 2 Post 3: Aimee Duran

Option 1: In my email about Tuesday’s reading (Appiah), I present a few “issues to think about”. Pick ONE of these and post about a paragraph in response. Suppose that after finishing the reading, a student says: “Any belief, however unlikely it may appear, can be saved from refutation if you’re willing to make enough secondary elaborations.” Is the student right? Defend your answer. (For the term “secondary elaborations”, see p. 346.)

The student could have been right if they were to be with the Azande, since they made secondary elaborations to all the failures that they went through. However, living in the era that we do today, we would find scientific explanations to prove a failure wrong. A belief that has nonscientific explanations could be saved depending on the view that the person that is arguing against it may have. Various oracles that the Azande had had failures that they did not see but would make up explanations to validate oracles. Although, “one perception of error in… a particular situation merely proves the correctness of another equally mystical notion” (pg. 346) This serves as an example as to why there is always an explanation to a failure, but that is not the case in a more advanced society that we live in today.

Option 3: In my lecture on Thursday, I’ll spend part of the time recapping Unit 2. In your post, ask a question about anypart of Unit 2. Time permitting, I’ll address some of these in lecture. Aim for about a paragraph: in addition to asking the question, explain why you’re asking it—that is, why did you find this puzzling? You might also speculate briefly on what the answer might be.

How do the intro to the unit, planetary observations, the scientific revolution, translations, bullshit, and Appiah all connect together and to unit 1? I see that there are different smaller topics within the units, but sometimes it is difficult to connect them all together. I did not see the connection between the planetary observations and the translations, but after taking a minute to analyze each topic, I came to the conclusion that as individuals we have our own interpretations of how the planets work around the earth and the sun. However there are concepts that are difficult to connect with one another.

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