Unit 3 Assignment 1 – Jordan Satch

Adolph Eichmann – the Nazi operative responsible for organising the transportation of millions of Jews and others to various concentration camps in support of the Nazi’s Final Solution.

Arendt believed he performed evil deeds without evil intentions. He was neither perverted nor sadistic. ‘Terrifyingly normal’. He lacked a cognitive ability that would let him feel that he was doing wrong. 

The banality of evil was the collection of characteristics of Eichmann, not inherently evil but shallow and clueless, ‘a joiner’.


The Origins of Totalitarianism

Published in 1951.

She describes and analyzes Nazism and Stalinism.

Collection of 3 essays –  “Antisemitism”, “Imperialism” and “Totalitarianism”

“Totalitarianism in Germany was, in the end, about terror and consistency, not eradicating Jews only”


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