Unit 3 Assignment 1 Peter Rock

  • Believed that Jews assimilating into society meant Jews had to assimilate into Anti-semitism
  • Believes evil is the absence of good, and can never be grandiose in the way that goodness can
  • https://www.csmonitor.com/1982/0602/060201.html
  • In Origins of Totalitarianism Arendt discusses the “grotesque disparity between cause and effect [of totalitarianism]”
  • Arendt talks about alienation and the rift that dispossession and disenfranchisement create
  • The mob mentality created by resentment and fear can result in acts of evil that are felt by no particular person in the mob
  • https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2016/12/17/how-hannah-arendts-classic-work/
  • Eichmann was hanged following the trial in Jerusalem
  • Was a traveling salesman before becoming a Nazi
  • Was just doing a job as a part of a bureaucracy
  • Claimed his innocence and lack of evil feelings during his trial. Said he was not anti-semitic or particularly interested in violence.
  • https://www.britannica.com/biography/Adolf-Eichmann

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