unit 4, assignment 1. 11/17

Mary Church Terrell (1863-1954) and Ida B Wells (1862-1931) both opposed violence towards black people in America at great personal risk. Mary Church Terrell explored and fought to change the system of oppression that is America. She was a champion of civil rights and universal suffrage in particular. Ida B Wells focused on a more specific and brutal form of oppression; lynching. She made note of the power of lynching not only as a punishment to the individual, but also its role as a threat, or display of supremacy to the people. Although they focused on different styles of oppression, their works go hand in hand because of the parallels between them. For example, Terrell and Wells were both devout Christians; they bolstered and justified themselves with this strong faith to fight for justice for the most oppressed group in American history. Additionally, they both focused on women, but in very different ways. For Terrell, women were black; she talked about the extreme prejudice that black women face in their daily wives. Wells talked about women differently; she explored the power of the white woman, especially as it related to lynching black men.

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