2/10 Ethnic Notions Post Emily McDill

I think that the main point of the documentary was not only to point out how racial stereotypes perpetuate dangerous messages that can shape the perception of a population for generations, but also how these stereotypes continue to exist today in more covert ways. One of the examples that stood out to me the most from the documentary was the Aunt Jemima brand, particularly the visual evolution from the “mammy” image originally debuted in the early 19th century to the 1980’s. Despite almost the century difference, Aunt Jemima was wearing nearly the same outfit, demonstrating how these stereotypes have staying power in our society and are so ingrained into our perceptions of the world that we don’t always give them a second thought. This observation elicits the question: how does popular culture and the media underhandedly reinforce these dangerous stereotypes and how do we eradicate them, especially when people have been exposed to these stereotypes from a young age?

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