2/17 Post Isabel Nowak

In the article, Snow states that “it is the traditional culture, to an extent remarkably little diminished by the emergence of the scientific one, which manages the western world” (11). I found it surprising that this was stated outright, as the Western world typically views tradition as primitive, often using the word in reference to other cultures. The Western world likes to imagine itself as progressive and civilized, but really, it is just as governed by tradition as the rest of the world.

Snow also states that “I said earlier that this cultural divide is not just an English phenomenon: it exists all over the western world” (16-17). Snow is referring to the cultural divide between scientists and literary intellectuals. Why does Snow believe that this is a Western phenomenon? In what ways are other parts of the world different? Is this statement born purely from ignorance?

Scientific Theories I knew:

  • Plate tectonics
  • General relativity
  • Quantum theory
  • Evolution by natural selection
  • Heliocentrism 

Scientific Discoveries I knew:

  • Eratosthenes measures the world
  • Mendel cultivates genetics
  • Newton eye optics
  • Curie’s work
  • Pavlov’s experiments

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