AKHMATOVA POST- sode smith

Our AT liked the Thomas translation of Akhmatova for a couple of reasons.

  1. We thought that it was the more poetic of the two versions — it aims to remain true to the pieces original intent (poetic value)
  2. This translation was more complex and beautiful
  3. Although Thomas’s version was harder to understand in general, it tried to be more poetic
  4. It was less of a word for word translation, which is what we believed the Anderson translation to be
  5. We realized that all translations lose some of the intrinsic value of the original writing, but we felt as though Thomas tried to use his translation to bring the same artistic value
  6. Although word for word translations might be deemed more accurate, many times they can’t be exactly the same as the original or inspire the audience in the same ways
  7. It is impossible for a translation to have the same meaning — there are no direct translations for some words

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