Aliza Cantor Unit 2 Assignment 1

Often, in the moment, it is hard to grasp the true potential of a concept. People do not like change, thus when a new theory is presented to the world it is a controversy amongst all.  Philosophers like to stir the pot. They like to bring new ideas to the public about society and the way it should be structured or run. I think it is completely plausible to believe that when these new ideas are introduced to a society, they are not seen as “landmark” texts. Locke, for example, his ideals were very different than what people of his time were used to. Looking back at the time when Locke wrote his ideals, the power structure that was in place was not the best option; however, Locke was not in a position to bring his ideals to light. His writings were extreme for his time, and it was not a plausible plan to overthrow his state. When looking at his writings today, his ideals were “landmark” texts. They were controversial and would have completely changed the way society functioned. 

How is it decided what will be accepted by society for scientific revolution? Who decides what is considered a “landmark” text?

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