Angelo Dean “Black Girls Linguistics Play” Post

Camille A Brown and Dancer’s “Black Girl Linguistic Play” brought out the humanity and the reality that society has been stripped from black females narratively. Whenever people hear that black girls are involved in something or are starring in something, they tend to automatically assume that the work would be of “ghetto” or raucous quality. Two characteristics that society has placed as inherent factors of black femininity. “Black Girl Linguistic Play” broke down those stereotypes by showing snippets of the raw side that is the black female experience. Camille A Brown and Dancers also did well on showing the audience that their misconceptions of the play based on the title was wrong, by asking the simple question “What did you think when you heard Black Girl Linguistic play?” The silence that filled the room of predominantly Caucasian individuals either shows two things: the first being that everyone went into this with a clear mind and no preconceptions of what the play would be (which is implausible), or that their preconceived notions of Black girl linguistics were shameful and there was nobody around to make a fool of themselves by stating what they were all thinking; which is that they expected it to be “ghetto”. The only question that the play stirred in me is this: Was black girl linguistics made to change the narrative of black girls everywhere, or to show that black girls are not alone in their experiences? Essentially, was this a unifying piece or a clarifying piece?

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