Black Girl Linguistic Play Post- Jamie Aciukewicz

What does this work do?

!: This work uses the entirety of the stage very well. This allows the viewer to be able to perceive a few distinct scenes in the work, when the scene switches, usually the dancers locate to a new part of the stage. I thought this made for effective storytelling, even without words. The use of the stage was apparent through the chalk on the floor, which started in one little pile and spread to the rest of the stage relatively quickly. 

?: How would we have interpreted the dance differently had there not been a Q & A session at the end? 

I don’t think that we would have gotten as much out of the performance without the textual explanation to back up the movement. Dance acts as a form of self-expression and a tool used to fight against oppression, but almost always, text is needed to bolster the storytelling ability of the movement. I found it really helpful to have some explanation of certain moves or scenes and the open discussion at the end allowed me to gain new insight into the dance.  

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