Carson Stenroos Unit 4 Assignment 1

Ida B. Wells saw lynchings as a national issue which had blacks in danger at all times. There was also very little that courts and local law enforcement could do or tried to do to protect blacks. She saw this as more of a national issue that the federal government must supply protection to blacks against these lynchings. Mary Church Terrell saw the mistreatment and violence against blacks as a result of the conditions they lived in and the economics that separated them. She was more focused on women’s rights and the empowerment of blacks to deter the violence. Both women were largely fighting for not only justice for blacks, but also for the rights of women. Women’s suffrage and empowerment was a big problem at the time so many women both white and black looked up to Wells and Terrell. Terrell was also a founder of the National Association of Colored Women which established nurseries and kindergartens for black children. Her response to violence was very focused on empowerment. Wells however, was more focused on a direct response to violence and challenged the institutions that allowed such violence.

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