Comparative analysis Assign. #3 -Robert Sparks

Describing a minority in the majority’s language. (Fanon). This idea of the uphill battle of self expression that Fanon creates is interesting to me because it discusses an idea that is not commonly made. The idea that activism in the post colonial era needs hatred of prejudice. Fanon’s history strongly gives way to ideas that deal much more in absolutes and larger cultural actions because during his life he witnessed atrocities perpetuated through western ideas on race. These same ideas ingrained self hatred into black people and only let them define themselves through a language which viewed them as a subhuman enemy?

Most writers who focus on post colonial/modern era racial inequality will try to keep it quite positive in order to not be labeled as radical by the majority (Malouf, Brooks). In order for their message to be more widely received.

Is it necessary to temper activist publications to cater to a specific audience be that all minority mixed or majority?

how should individuals in minority groups define themselves in a way that is not weakened by western ideas about identity?

Are racial tokens avoidable in western culture?

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