Emily Evans Unit 3 Post 1

  • Eichmann: ordinary bureaucrat, extremely normal
    • Actions all based around advancing his career
    • “Evil deeds without evil intentions”
  • Banality of evil theory controversial – many believed that everyone in the Nazi genocide had to be evil in intention
    • Counterpoint: Eichmann lacks ability to think, making him a monster
  • Historian Bettina Stangneth saw Eichmann as strongly ideological Nazi
    • Eichmann was committed to Nazi ideology and genocide
  • https://aeon.co/ideas/what-did-hannah-arendt-really-mean-by-the-banality-of-evil
  • Eichmann joined the Austrian Nazi Party and SS in 1932
  • Nazi Party was banned in Austria in 1933, and Eichmann moved to Bavaria
    • Joined Austrian Legion: organization for Austrian Nazis
  • Eichmann started to work for the Security Service Main Office in 1934
    • Watched Jewish organizations
  • Deported 3,500 Jews during beginning of WWII
    • Deported 1.5 million to concentration camps throughout the war
  • Fled to Argentina w/ help of Catholic officials until 1960
    • Taken to Israel for a trial
  • https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/adolf-eichmann

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