Harrison Diggs Akhmatova Post

There was a consensus among my group that we preferred the Anderson translation of Requiem more. The Anderson translation seemed to be easier to understand for most of our group members and we liked the way he maintained rhyming even through the translation. We felt the Anderson translation was more effective in expressing the emotions of the poem while the Thomas poem would be better if we better understood some of the context behind it. I enjoyed the Anderson translation as well because of its simplicity in reading. The poem flowed much better due to Anderson’s stylistic choices and rhyme choice.

!: The degree of the persecution of writers under the terrorist regimes in Russia is what really stood out to me during the lecture. Poetry provided an avenue of truth so therefore was completely censored under the Soviet government and the writers were sentenced to drastic punishments.

?: Knowing they would likely face persecution, why did so many bright artists persist in continuing their works under the soviet regimes.

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