Harrison Diggs Unit 8 Assignment 1

Katharina Blum

!: Katharina Blum’s image was tarnished in the media in an attempt to get her to confess to the whereabouts of Goetten. The particular scene that comes to mind is when Blum is reading the Newspaper where she is called “ice cold and calculating” and “capable of committing a crime” by her boss. In actuality her boss said she was “bright and sensitive” and never said anything close to what was reported. This scene evidences the extent to which media served as a weapon to dehumanize dissidents.

?: I am confused about the purpose of the constant interrogation of Katharina and the publication of horrible things about her in the Newspaper. Katharina was the last one seen with Goetten before his disappearance making her an important witness, however the lengths to which the police went is far beyond normal police investigations.

The Baader Meinhof Complex

!: Students and other youth had a significant role in demonstrations and protests of policies in West Berlin. This is seen specifically in the demonstrations about the Iranian Shah coming to West Germany.

?: How did Meinhof and this radical movement become such a national and media sensation?

Hitler Within You:

!: Anti-Semitism in Germany began before the National Socialists took over. In the 1920’s there existed an anti-semitic culture in Universities. These same people now serve in important occupations in Germany in the post-Hitler era.

?: Did the younger generation in Germany actually take serious measures to combat the old ideas that persisted in German culture?

From Protest To Resistance:

!: “Protest is when I say I don’t like this. Resistance is when I put an end to what I don’t like.”

?: Is Meinhof arguing against nonviolent protesting entirely or just expressing the need for violent resistance?

Human Dignity is Violable

!: Germany’s new plan for government allowed for the same problems to exist that they were trying to correct: War, Dictatorships, and Human dignity becoming violable

?: Did German leaders not understand the danger they were putting themselves in while creating this new rule of law?

Shadow’s of the Summit Pointing West

!: The foreign leaders of the major world powers approached the Paris meeting with primarily their own countries interests in hands rather than the situation in Germany.

?: How would history have been altered if the 1960 Paris Summit had not been ruined by US-Soviet tensions?

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