Jane Berick Unit 4 Assignment 2

page 75

The speech bubbles in this panel do a really good job of conveying panic and fear, with their harsh edges and various underlines. It really stuck to me because I can’t imagine being in the middle of a race riot and having a cab driver refuse to drive because there were black and white people in the same car. This makes me think of the insanity that is some laws, how people get in trouble for trying to give food or water to the people imprisoned at the border, or how helping Jews during World War II got you killed. It is very interesting to examine “bad” laws and to think about what the purpose of a law is if not to protect the good of the people. I suppose those laws do protect the good of the people, if the term “the people” has a very narrow and exclusive definition. Thinking about bad laws raises many questions. Is it bad to break bad laws? How are lawmakers punished? Is not following bad laws enough to get them to notice, and eventually change them? Who is above the law? Should anyone be above the law? What should be done about laws that harm instead of protect?

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