?&! On “Two Cultures,” Jackson Warmack

Q: Is it right to say there are only two “academic cultures,” & how do we define them? There are classes in the humanities (such as anthropology and phycology) that use the scientific method & necessitate data-based thinking. Additionally, there’s not very much commonality between calculus and biology.

!: It’s interesting that Snow sees so much contempt and divide between scientists and “non-scientists.” He says (on page 4) “a gulf of mutual incomprehension [exists]. Sometimes (particularly among the young) hostility and dislike, but most of all lack of understanding. They have a curious distorted image of each other. Their attitudes are so different that, even on the level of emotion, they can’t find much common ground.” Academics have never seemed so divided, to me.

I recognize (theories): Game theory, Plate tectonics, Statistical mechanics, Spacial Relativity, Quantum Theory, Evolution, and Heliocentrism.

I recognize (experiments): Genetics, Conditioned Reflexes, Electrons, and Keystone Species.

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