Rachel Gronberg Unit 8 Assignment 1

Ulrike Meinhof Readings:

Shadows of the Summit Pointing West:

!: Germany dislikes America as much as America dislikes Germany. I knew America didn’t like Germany bc of WWII and also Karl Marx inventing communism but I never thought about the feeling is mutual.

?: Why did she assert that the Soviet Union is the country with the least conflict both internally and with allies? That seems just… wrong??

Hitler Within You:

!: She is clearly critical of the genocide– but considering her position as such a left-wing person, she takes no credit for the role of the country in aiding the genocide, commenting on the fact that people are living in fear during the Eichmann trials. She will die for her cause– but apparently acknowledging guilt in the Holocaust is not a worthy collective cause.

?: How are “old Nazis” different from “new Nazis”…?

Everybody Talks About the Weather:

!: She uses the pathos of keeping family together as an argument to give citizenship to Nirumand… but she abandons her family to be a political terrorist sooo

?: Why is she critical of anti-authoritarian kindergarten that is apparently in progress? And why does she call it that? Is she pro-authoritarian???


!: Not all of the paper is intended to be political/op-ed. That is the job of the columnist.

?: Why is she talking about the job of the columnist (isn’t she a columnist?) as a profit maker if she is anti-capitalism?

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum:

!: The concept of “free media” is backwards in the movie– the ability for the media to say whatever they want was another way for the state to oppress people. (Fake news?)

?: I’m still not entirely sure why her Katharina seemed to be hiding things, or at least refusing to cooperate with the police. I certainly don’t want to victim-blame her, but wouldn’t it have been in her best self-interest to cooperate? Also, why did she just suddenly fall in love with Ludwig and give up her whole life to be with him??

Baader-Meinhof Komplex:

!: The movie makes you sympathize with the RAF. I was fairly far into the movie before I remembered that they were considered a terror group.

?: What was the ultimate fate of the RAF? As generations continued with more violence, how did the German state ultimately stop the terror?

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