RobertSparks– Relativism: U2 A3

  1. The reason strong relativism fails to hold up in practice is because it is so committed to the incompatibility of different understandings: it denies how commonality persists past language barriers. If it were to hold true then it would deny the idea of facts which invalidates the idea because reality gives definite evidence of what is and what is not. This must be realized when considering the faults of strong relativism because no matter the word for an object the only way to support strong relativism is for objects to only exist in certain relative understandings. (9.6)
  2. Bullshit has been accepted as viable forms of discourse which is problematic as it blurs lines on already difficult topics. In order to remove bullshit it is not possible to try to invalidate and argument on the grounds that you believe it is bullshit because the rebuttal will be that you are refuting their argument on the base that it conflicts with personal beliefs rather than the fact it lacks meaning. In order to then reduce bullshit the idea that a critique of a political belief is not a critique of the person’s character. If a society were to just care about truth then calling an argument bullshit would carry the same weight as correcting a spelling error and could be corrected as such.

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