Sam Van Horn – Akhmatova Post + !?

During our meeting, our group discussed the styles that each of the translators had. We found that Anderson took it upon himself to not only translate, but poetically frame his translations so that it rhymed in english as well. This is evident in most, if not all of his translated poems. His thoroughness in this process, we argued, took away from the true meaning of the poems originally written in Russian. For example the very first poem disregards some of the context needed to understand that was illustrated in Thomas’ work. However, we found that Anderson’s process makes the words not only flow with ease, but more comprehensible in describing the situation at hand. Thomas includes many Russian references, but in doing this makes it difficult for someone without proper background to interpret his work. Personally, I enjoyed Anderson’s more due to his stylistic choices and easy-going interpretation.

!- Just as in 1984 and Animal Farm, I believe there are multiple hidden symbolisms in Sofia Petrovna that we might’ve missed.

? – What might be the repercussions if the Silver Age did not occur?

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