Snow Two Cultures – Emily Ezell

Snow quote: “The number 2 is a very dangerous number: that is why the dialect is a dangerous process. Attempts to divide anything into two ought to be regarded with much suspicion.” (9)

! The number 2 is incredibly pervasive in our lives. We divide almost everything into two, especially the emphasis on opposites and categorization. Only upon reflecting on the number 2 do we realize the significance of its presence. 

? I don’t feel the incredible sense of polarization between literary intellectuals and scientists that Snow so heavily emphasizes. Maybe this feeling stems from the differences between the English and American educational systems. What are the major differences between the two country’s perspectives on education? How do they approach education differently?

The scientific theories I recognized: Special and General Relativity (4/5), Natural Selection (2), and heliocentrism (1)

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