The Two Cultures: Unit 6 Assignment 2 by Alec Stimac

! : “[Non-scientists] vigorously refuse to be corralled in a cultural box” (Snow, 9). There is an ignorance associated with being a part of one of the two cultures. Certain types of people do not want to communicate or think like the other, but they are placing themselves in secluded box just the same as not wanting to be in the other’s “box.” Each group (scientists and non-scientists) has their own culture that is constantly in action and neither is completely right or wrong. I also found it interesting that morals can be different even though “universal” ethical ideas and foundational laws exist.

? : “Have we crystallized so far that we are no longer flexible at all?” (Snow, 19). How are we stuck in a vacuum? Are people really that different that a bridge cannot fill the gap between the scientists and non-scientists. Is Snow stereotyping and generalizing too much here? I believe the Humanities course at Davidson is bringing us closer to bridging this gap. Is full/complete knowledge even possible anymore?

Theories I recognized:

  1. Game Theory
  2. Information Theory
  3. Spacial Relativity
  4. Evolution by Natural Selection
  5. Schrödinger’s Quantum Theory
  6. Heliocentrism

Experiments I recognized:

  1. Mendelian Genetics
  2. Conditioned Reflexes
  3. Newton Eyes Optics
  4. Keystone Species
  5. Marie Curie’s Work Matters
  6. Robert Millikan’s Charge

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