Unit 1, Assignment 3 by Phillip Hazel

In Angela Davis’s “Recognizing Racism in an Era of Neoliberalism”, she criticizes neoliberalism for its false assumption that history is no longer pertinent. I did not know what neoliberalism was until I encountered it in this passage. However, after learning about what it meant to be a neoliberal, and after reading Davis’s criticisms of the ideology, I felt that her points could spread much farther than just to criticize neoliberalism. I feel that her beliefs regarding the importance of history could apply to everyone in the United States. History can explain almost all of the unfairness in this country. If the original source of this unfairness can be determined, then eliminating the unfairness itself becomes much easier. This can apply to racism, but also to almost every other facet of inequality that exists in the United States today. 

Two Other Authors:

  • Audre Lorde and John Locke


  • What does it mean to be human?
  • Free market versus regulated enterprise?
  • How does history shape the present?

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