Unit 1 Assignment 3: Gardella

Angela Davis makes an interesting connection between a political ideology’s views on economics and a civil rights issue when she speaks on “Recognizing Racism in an Era of Neoliberalism”. Davis explains that because neoliberalism believes in less government participation, it takes the focus away from institutions, and places it instead on the individual’s responsibility. However, this poses a problem, as Davis believes that the racism that still exists today lingers in institutions, which is ignored by neoliberal views. Structural racism like this appears in the incarceration system, where a disproportionate number of black men are imprisoned compared to the population of black men in America. This idea really caught my attention because institutionalized racism is more difficult to expose, as it is deeply interwoven in society.

Authors: Davis, Locke, Brooks

When there is a violation of civil rights, is the solution focused on individual identities or generalized communities?

Does neoliberalism encourage or impede individual rights?

Does acknowledging intersectionality bring people together or tear them apart?

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