Unit 1 Assignment 3 Selina Qian

I choose Fanon. I think his idea that “The white man slaves to reach a human level”, “the white man is sealed in his whiteness”, and “we shall seek to ascertain the directions of this dual narcissism and the motivations that inspire it.” intrigue me a lot. Because I dare not make such bold assertions to a group of people which may include innocent people in the accusations. Yet I connect to this idea both in my personal life experience and my self-reflection. And I am really interested in how he would develop and analysis his idea. Because unlike Marks, Fanon tries to see inequality in a psychological perspective, which I believe helps current dilemma between different groups of people more.

Judging my-self, I do experience that in some matter I am confidence because I feel I’m better than others. In order to fulfill my self complacent in the circumstance that I don’t actually have a reason to feel good, I choose to compare my one aspect of advantage with others, which is not true in most cases. Thankfully I don’t act those feelings out nor did I want this feeling in everything I do. It’s a feeling, which put into a broader topic could be named as prejudice. But when this kind of prejudice applies to a group of people, and horribly becomes sub-conscience for lots of people in this group, the idea that “The white man slaves to reach a human level” becomes reality. In order to maintain a kind of hierarchy, maybe for me to feel good, the white may sub-consciously prejudice. Therefore “the white is sealed in his whiteness” . Cause it’s the easy way. This is just my one perspective of seeing these ideas. So I am interested in how he comes to this conclusion. Moreover, by looking closely to the motivation behind prejudice and discrimination, we may understand our own group or other groups of prejudice and discrimination more. (I am very afraid I may offend innocent people, so I use my own problem to analogy to understand Fanon’s idea, which points to no one, and only in the purpose of discussing the problem. But just as Fanon says, “I leave it to its normality, which is normal, and turn my attention to the kidneys: As it happens, the kidneys are diseased.”)

I would chose Marx and Locke to talk with Fanon.

I would ask: how do you see economic in the effect of today’s inequality between white and black or between white and minority? Being an upper class white, a middle low class white, and an African American black. What message do you have for each others group of people? In today’s society, history effects equality a lot. How would equality in political rights, redistribute capital, and culture recognition help solve problems between majority and minority?

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