Unit 2 Assignment 1 Safi El-Gamal

The Connected World

Chapter 2 of “The Scientific Revolution” discusses the “connected world” and how everything on Earth falls into a natural hierarchy.  This promotes the scala naturale which claims that every creature is linked to what’s above and below the other on the hierarchy.  Putting this concept into my own words, I understand the connected world to be an emphasis on interaction, regardless of intention.  Creatures of Earth are all connected whether it is by our need for survival or the emotional relationships we make with others in the world.  Now that modern science has advanced with all the technological innovations we’ve seen through computer science, our world is as connected as ever.  The early modern view suggested that the “connected world” was based on the interaction of creatures with others below and above them on the natural hierarchy, and increased globalization facilitates that, whether its exporting and importing goods from around the globe or being able to travel to unknown corners of the world, the “connected world” has now transitioned into an intentional interaction between all creatures of the Earth.

Question: How does modern technology influence the early modern’s view of the “connected world?”

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