Unit 2, Post 1 – Leen Khasawneh

The connected world, to me, is a world of chaos. A leaf falling from a tree in North Carolina may lead to someone halfway across the world to choose to attend Davidson College. Any alteration in the present moment can lead to changed results in the world of the future; without restrictions of time and space. Understanding quantum entanglement becomes even trickier when envisioning parallel universes, and how the butterfly effect could manifest across the boundaries of these worlds. On a different note, the connected world approach can be found in the way contemporary scientists think of laws of conservation. In believing that energy and matter are conserved, physicists are assuming that there exists some sort of connection that binds all matter and antimatter (and their energies) together. What really excites me when I think of this is the possibility of our thoughts, consciousness, and energies as humans as existing as part of this connected scheme.

My question: Did Europeans steal Arab/Muslim scientific discoveries and claim them as their own? (A question that came to mind while reading through pgs 6,7 and 12)

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