Unit 2 Post 3

Option 2:

I believe the best way to expel the notion of bullshit from our society today is to normalize the fact that sometimes, we simply “don’t know.”  Frankfurt discusses that the reason for bullshitting happens because society forces the concept that we should have an opinion about most events that occur throughout our life, and that if we don’t we may be deemed lesser in society.  People of knowledge are always looked up to, and the answer of not knowing or not being able to elaborate on current events, or constantly forced to have an opinion, may trigger the desire to bullshit rather than to say nothing at all.  If listening were validated, that we could just stop for a minute and not hear but listen to those around us and figure out for ourselves what our stance on certain issues are, we may be able to have more fruitful conversations when we all have fully truthful beliefs.

Option 3:

The Allegory of the Cave was a particularly interesting concept that sparked a lot of questions.  The idea that the prisoners would rather kill the returning prisoner than listen to his ideas of the real world is quite intriguing, which allowed my main question to surface: How do we become so attached to our own specific truths? How can we look at the world more objectively?

I believe that in order to detach from our specific truths, we have to understand those around us and their experiences.  We have to have conversations, even if they are hard for us to confront, and understand that the way we live our lives can be vastly different than others.  This can then allow us to identify with our own specific truth, but live in a more accepting environment where our truths can be easily altered, which in my opinion is a healthier way of living as we are not tied to a single fact.

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