Unit 3 Assignment 3

In tandem, Gourevich and Sontag are able to highlight the importance of studying and understanding horrific events throughout history; the Sontag reading helps explain the value of Gourevich’s writing on the Rwandan genocide. Not only did the Gourevich book inform me on an event I was dramatically under-aware of, but when framed by Sontag’s ideas that humans are oddly drawn to horrific events that feel distant, my experience of reading it was much more intimate than it otherwise would have been. In the past, mostly when reading accounts of the Holocaust, I did what Sontag chastised, which was to feel sympathy but from a great distance. Going into the Rwandan reading equipped to be able not to do this, I felt much closer to the reading. Under the lens of Sontag, Gourevich’s reading was much more impactful because I was able to suspend how I normally read horrific texts and connect with the story much better.

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