Unit 3 Assignment 3 Carson Stenroos

I think that the main connection between the two texts is the concept of seeing versus experiencing. In the end of her book, Sontag writes about the people who experience war first hand: the soldiers, aids, independent observers, and journalists that are there witnessing the destruction as it unfolds. They are the ones who understand what is happening, which is exactly the opposite of the events in Gourevitch’s text of the Rwandan genocide. He writes about the decisions that the UN, and specifically the US, had to make about their actions of involvement in Rwanda. The US officials tried to withdraw from involvement with Rwanda as much as possible and wouldn’t admit that a genocide was going on, but that goes back to Sontag’s point of not experiencing what was truly happening. I see the two books as Sontag saying what should have happened and Gourevitch saying what actually happened, and the two do not line up together at all.

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