Unit 3 Passport Assignment by Lydia Catterall

The country I drew in the passport activity was Estonia, which did not seem significant to me at first. Later on I began thinking about the significance of each passport. Mine, specifically, would allow for easy travel across Europe, as Estonia is a member country of the European Union. This knowledge made me think about the mobility granted by each passport. In my real life, I have a United States passport, which has allowed me to travel easily to several foreign countries. I traveled to the Arizona-Mexico border several years ago, and experienced very little security each time I crossed from the United States into Mexico. Crossing from Mexico into the United States, was a much longer and more tedious process. It seemed that the very idea of being American, or coming from the “American” side of the border, erased the majority of suspicion as to one’s purpose for travel. On the other hand, being somehow tied to Mexico and coming from the Mexican side of the border was automatically deemed suspicious. Passports represent nationalities, and nationalities unfortunately come with varying degrees of privilege.

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