Unit 3 Passport Assignment – Jake Matthews

The make your own passport event was an educational one that made me contemplate the struggles of stateless people in a way I never considered before. In the exercise, I was randomly assigned as a stateless individual, meaning that I had no official citizenship to any nation. This random assignment paralleled the fact that no one chooses to be stateless, it is just something that happens to them, usually just by being born. I received reading materials about a stateless person who had a difficult time growing up in a country which afforded her no rights or protections, and how her status meant that she could not get a visa to travel back to her place of birth to visit her family. The experience educated me in the struggle of being stateless, and I have increased compassion and understanding now of this issue.

The front of the Chinese Travel Document that I was given in lieu of a passport.
The inside of the travel document.

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